National Composite Gazetteer of Australia

Version 1.0 based on pyLDAPI 3.8

The National Composite Gazetteer of Australia is being hosted by Geoscience Australia, an Australian Government Agency. As an API (application programming interface) this tool allows users to access the data in both human and machine readable forms.

As human readable data, place names are presented on descriptive web pages which include a map and hyperlinks to the data suppliers, the ontology, vocabularies and metadata.

As machine readable data it will be available for data integration and sharing, including combination with other datasets.

Data has been sourced from various naming authorities. For inquiries about the actual place-name Gazetteer data please contact the relevant naming authority indicated for each placename.

Users can download datasets from

Technical feedback on this National Composite Gazetteer of Australia is most welcome, and users are encouraged to contact us using "Contact us" link below.