About the FSDF


FSDF is a change program on Australia’s “common asset” of location information. Users rely heavily on the same trusted information to make decisions that affect people's safety, prosperity, and environment. Innovation will be enabled through discovery and access to reliable, trusted data from custodians. Suppliers will be able to leverage the best approaches for managing and supplying spatial data through shared experience. Roles and responsibilities will be recognised and supported.


Jurisdictional data is the foundation of national information.



New Zealand actively participates in the initiatives arising from the ANZLIC Strategic Plan, including the FSDF. New Zealand is committed to the conceptual and logical model of the FSDF but has its own program for implementing the themes at the dataset level.

New Zealand fundamental geospatial datasets and theme v2.0


Spatial data themes group data with similar characteristics in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of information management processes. Some data may naturally fit within more than one theme, for example a road is both transport infrastructure and also used to delineate some administrative boundaries. This situation is resolved within the logic of the theme structure.


ANZLIC recognises that the framework of ten themes may expand over time to meet increased demand from the user community and as data suppliers improve their technical capacity to deliver a wider range of spatial products and services.




ANZLIC will continue to provide the broad policy direction and oversight of the FSDF. ANZLIC remains in a unique position within the Australian spatial community to align the direction of users, custodians and suppliers of foundation spatial data. ANZLIC, through its secretariat and contact officers, will remain closely engaged with Theme Sponsors and Custodians to assist in the planning and reporting on the evolution of datasets against long-term goals.

Theme Sponsors

An agency or organisation (Australian, state or territory) having a special interest in ensuring that the National Foundation Datasets within a particular theme are widely available and of high quality. The confirmed Sponsors for the FSDF Themes are;

Sponsor Theme
Commonwealth Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Geocoded Addressing
Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying & Mapping Positioning, Place Names, Land Parcel and Property, Imagery, Transportation, Elevation and Depth, and Land Cover
Australian Bureau of Statistics Administrative Boundaries
Bureau of Meteorology Water

The Sponsor’s role will include liaising with other national sponsors, consulting a community of users and coordinating activities with custodians to report on the progress of the foundation datasets in line with the broader ANZLIC objectives. The Sponsor will update ANZLIC on progress of the FSDF at its regular meetings, held three times each year.

Dataset Custodians

An agency or organisation identified as being responsible for the development and management of a national foundation dataset, and who has the right to determine the condition applying to the use, distribution and composition of the national foundation dataset. The national dataset custodian would be responsible for the ongoing evolution of datasets as defined by itself and the theme leadership groups. Their role would comprise the development and delivery of their national foundation dataset and the maintenance of a close working relationship with thematic sponsors to ensure that yearly vision statements are achieved.

Custodians for each of the FSDF datasets are listed in the Dataset Profiles.


To assist in the management of the FSDF and to ensure that the individual themes remain coordinated and integrated, through their 3 year plans, coordination and management committees have been established. Sponsors and custodians will be engaged more regularly with the Project Management Committee and the Theme Leadership Group. A new policy and coordination mechanism will be implemented and will be comprised of four groups:

  • FSDF Project Management Committee. This committee will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the FSDF. Membership will comprise senior representatives from the Department of Communications and Geoscience Australia and this committee will meet monthly.
  • Theme leadership groups. These groups will be responsible for the development ⁄ evolution of the datasets within their respective themes against their three-year plan and annual vision statements. Each group will led by their theme sponsor and will comprise the custodians, aggregators, users and suppliers. These groups will replace the existing thematic working groups.
  • FSDF Technical Advisory Group. This group will be responsible for providing technical advice to the FSDF Project Management Committee and the theme leadership groups as required. This group will comprise the Australian Government representatives to the Open Geospatial Consortium, the international technical committee for geospatial standards (ISO⁄TC211) and Standards Australia; as well as representatives from research organisations such as NICTA, CSIRO and the Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information (CRCSI).
  • Industry Advisory Committee. This committee will be responsible for industry engagement; and will comprise industry bodies, jurisdictional representatives, eminent individuals from the spatial community and the Project Management Committee.